Winston-Salem and Queen City!

Day 8: Woke up at 5:00am, cleaned up the church that we crashed at for 3 nights, ate a hearty breakfast, and made our way out on a 82 mile ride to Winston-Salem. My expectations for the ride were low, as I had NO IDEA how beautiful the country farm lands between CH and WS were!!! I really assumed it would be one of our uglier routes, but I was totally wrong! The ride was gorgeous, the weather was perfect, and I spent the day riding in a pack with some of my favorite B&B girls, Meg, Sarah, and Dietlinde!


We couldn’t get enough of the beautiful country landscape around us. The hills REALLY started to get tough though. It was a day of many side-of-the-road stops. We found a thrift store that was a WIN. Sarah and Meg got some sweet shirts, and we found (but chose not to buy) the creepiest sweatshirt of all time:


We did a lot of stopping, which I really like because this whole trip is about exploration and experiencing things that you may never take the time to experience otherwise. For example, we saw llamas on a farm, so we stopped to take pictures and see how close we could get to them. For some reason, the guys and the girls were pretty split up, so us girls kept on having “girls rides” or “girl hangouts” on the side of the road. At one point, we tried to get as many people on a hay bale as possible.


Lunch was at mile 55, and it was much needed. Every day on the road, the van/trailer stops along the side of the road about halfway along our route and lays out lunch for us, usually consisting of PB&J’S, bread, apples, oranges, cookies, granola bars, chips, and if we’re lucky, Nutella. When I got there with my group, most of the guys were off in the distance at a strawberry field picking and eating strawberries. I opted to eat lunch and lay around on a blanket taking a half-nap. I’ve noticed that the post-lunch ride is the HARDEST part. We could wake up and start riding at 3:00am and I could handle it, but that food coma after lunch makes it hard to keep moving. To break up the second part of the ride, we stopped at another antique/thrift store that also served coffee! It was a really cool antique store, and if I didn’t have to fit all my belongings for the summer in 20 gallon bin, I would have purchased a few things.




We hopped back on the road and finally made it to Winston-Salem. Tyler, one of my fellow teammates, is from WS, so his parents picked up a few of us and drove us to their grandma’s house and their house to shower. We were the lucky few, as all 5 of us were offered ice cold beers practically the second we stepped out of the shower (I was actually told by Aaron that he got to drink a “shower beer”; I’m slightly jealous). We got back to the church and had tacos for dinner, and then we went out to grab a beer from a WS brewery called Foothills with Ed Dobner, a NC2SD’11 alumnus. After a long day, I was extremely tired and practically falling asleep while drinking at the bar, so after a bed time story from Daniel (yes, this really happened, and it was fantastic, as Daniel has the most calming voice I’ve ever heard), my head hit my pillow… Err, the sweatshirt I’ve been sleeping on… And I was OUT. I was told that several loud alarms went off in the middle of the night at the church (nothing bad happened, just glitches) and I didn’t hear a thing.

Quote of the Day goes to Amelia: “Bike and Build should be renamed Places I’ve Pooped”.

Day 9: What’s better than waking up at 5:00am? Doing it two days in a row!

Winston-Salem to Charlotte! Another long day of 87 miles. It was supposed to be 78 miles, which for some reason sounded wayyy better than the previous day’s 82 miles, but after a couple slight mistakes on the queue sheet, we ended up riding more than expected. Some more than others…

The morning started out cold, and all of us were bundled up in as much gear as we had. The rolling hills got even more rolly. We knew that there was going to be a NASCAR race in the Queen City this weekend, so we expected there to be more traffic than usual. I rode with Meegan, Erin, Claire, and Amelia in the morning and for most of the day. We ate lunch at a gorgeous spot and what was awesome about it was that somehow, almost everyone got to eat lunch together (with the exception of sweep riders and a couple others). We were all really close together while riding, probably because of the queue sheet errors.


Two of our leaders, Erin and Steven, at lunch:


After lunch, I hit a wall. I was so incredibly tired and I stopped enjoying the ride. I was in desperate need of one thing… COFFEE. Sarah looked up a coffee shop located in Mooresville called HEbrew (so punny!) and a group of us got our caffeine fix there. I cannot emphasize enough how much better I felt after that coffee break. I was in a pretty terrible mood pre-coffee, but I was a new girl afterward!!!! Sarah, Amelia, Meegan and I spent the rest of the afternoon riding together. We all agreed that our on-the-road communication was great and we all loved riding with one another! The biggest surprise of the day was getting to ride through Davidson, NC which is where I worked last summer for Duke TIP (an academic camp… I’m a nerd). I absolutely LOVED my job and all the people I worked with, so it was cool to be able to ride through there this summer with B&B!


Riding through Davidson was a trip down memory lane and it energized me even more!! Before we knew it, the Charlotte city skyline was in sight!


We arrived at the very beautiful Covenant church around 4:00pm.


A few of the faster riders on our trip took a wrong turn and ended up getting lost, bringing their total mileage for the day to 115 miles. Yiiikes.

My reward at the end of the day was relaxing in my hammock!


Quote of the Day goes to Amelia once again: “Pain is weakness leaving the body… Or tendonitis.”

Day 10: Build day in Charlotte! I worked on framing for a shed with Dietlinde and Aaron. As a group, we had a very successful build day and got a lot done!

I wore a yellow helmet an had funny looking safety glasses on, making me look like a minion from the movie Despicable Me (which I’ve not seen):


We ended the day with a delicious cookout at the Charlotte Habitat for Humanity office, which has a cute porch behind it for the Habitat family to enjoy meals together!



1 thought on “Winston-Salem and Queen City!

  1. Leslie While

    Kim, your stories are wonderful and so enjoyable. Your grandmother and I look forward to more ! Everday we discuss your daily adventures.
    It is so true about the coffee & Nutella, 2 of my biggest weaknesses as well. And I loved the pix of the garden gnomes- i would have bought those in a flash ! I am amazed that you are biking so many miles a day- I dont know if I could have that much biking when I was your age ! WoW! Take care and keep up the good work ! Leslie , and of course , your grandma Irma sends her best wishes and love and prayers


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