Rain, rain go away!

Day 20: I guess I didn’t “knock on wood ” hard enough. It rained today. A lot. Luckily, it started off dry in the morning, as we climbed up the last mountain until the Rockies (but that doesn’t mean it’ll be flat til we get there). It was our steepest climb yet, but nothing will ever compare to what we experienced on the Blue Ridge Parkway and on our way up to the NC/TN State Line. Even though these hills are tough, I prefer them over busy highways. They are so much more peaceful!


I rolled into lunch around 11:30 with Diet and Olivia. We’d been staring at the dark clouds for hours as we rode nearer to them.


After we ate some lunch, it began to drizzle and then quickly picked up. We hastily grabbed bikes and coolers of food and sought shelter under the front entryway of what I assume was an old shop. We spent about 2 hours waiting out the storm, which included pouring cold rain as well as booming thunder and lightening. We kept ourselves entertained with charades games while also trying to keep warm. We also nom-ed (ate) quite a bit.



The rain finally began to let up, and we were on our way to finish our 46 mile ride to Sewanee, TN. When we got to our host site, which was a retreat center, we found a spectacular view:


Another thing about today is that we got chased by SO MANY DOGS. I can’t even believe it. I mean, one or two seems fair and pretty normal, but we must have gotten chased by at least 10, maybe even 15!! It’s mostly scary because they just blindly run out into the road, which could be bad for both us and drivers. Diet, Olivia and I have gotten good at yelling at them though.

Other than the fact that it rained DOGS and DOGS today (see what I did there..?), it was a pretty uneventful day. Rumor has it that the town we’re going to tomorrow called Pulaski is STOKED to be hosting us. In previous years, the mayor has thrown a party/dinner for the NC2SD team and plans to do it again this year! We’ll see. I’m excited for tomorrow!


1 thought on “Rain, rain go away!

  1. Leslie While

    Again, amazing! I guess that old expression – niether rain nor gloom nor dogs chasing …. haha! I am glad so many business owners are giving complimentary food and beverages, in this day and age it shows an amazing generosity not to be taken for granted!
    And , I think it IS safe to say that you have found lifelong friends. Your grandmother and I talked about her great trip to NJ with your dad, and before long, the conversation came around to you ! We talk and talk and talk about you. You must be glowing like a neon sign with all the good we have to say ! keep up the good work!


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