Walking in Memphis

Day 24: First day off in Memphis, TN! After a semi-late night, I was unable to sleep in past 7:30 because the latest I’ve gotten up in about 3 weeks is 7am. Luckily my teammates were all on the same page and most of them were already up eating a delicious breakfast provided for us by Gina, a B&B alumni who lives in Memphis. We decided that we would eat a second breakfast at a restaurant called The Arcade. We walked over a mile and a half to get there, and it was a beautiful morning to do so!


We ate a variety of delicious breakfast foods when we got there… My favorite being the sweet potato pancakes!!! So SO good! This is not a photo of the pancakes, but it’s still indicative of the deliciousness of the food:


A funny conversation that happened at breakfast can be illustrated in a photo:


Sam: “I think I’m gonna get a goatee.”
Meg: “NO DON’T DO IT.”

Meg really doesn’t like goatees. Sam later got a goatee.

The only thing missing at The Arcade were Bloody Mary’s and mimosas. We didn’t have to search for long though. Right across the street was another restaurant that said “$4 Bloody Mary’s and mimosas all day!”. So we stopped there for a bit.



After that, Amelia, Gerk and I stopped at a local bike shop to grab a couple of necessary items.



Even though a lot of people wanted to go to the Civil Rights Museum, we decided we would just walk around the area instead of paying $10 to get in. We did get to see the site of MLK Jr.’s assassination. I’m sort of ignorant when it comes to history (you can choose to blame my lack of interest in history or poor public school curriculums), so I knew little to nothing about his death. They had kept the hotel where he was shot in place rather than taking down the old building, which I thought was fascinating. It gave me goosebumps to see photos taken at the time of the shooting and then to look up and see the balcony on which he was standing when he was shot.


Even the two cars that were in the photos were there outside of the hotel as it stands now. It really put you in the shoes of the people who were there when it happened.




The three of us then continued to walk down Main Street and see the sites, as they say. It’s easier to post photos than to explain the middle part of the day.








In the evening, we went to the Flying Saucer for dinner and $3 pint night. Regular Ryan got buffaloed by Daniel. Ryan called it “the most delicious buffaloed experience” he’d ever had (it was some kind of strawberry drink).


Then we went to a AAA baseball game: the Memphis Cardinals vs the Zephyrs (not sure where they were from.. Or what a Zephyr is for that matter).





Watching baseball, eating popcorn, and singing Toby Keith songs with Aaron made me feel so American.

Off to Arkansas tomorrow!


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