More of Arkansas

Day 28: Little Rock to Clarksville: another 100 mile ride.


Daniel gave an AH presentation on Clarksville, and he had a few funny things to say about it:
• “Once a year they celebrate peaches like there’s no tomorrow.”
• “I don’t know if any of you have ever been to Paris, but Clarksville is 25 min away from Paris… Paris, Arkansas.”
• “It’s a dry county… Soo there’s that.”
• “They haven’t had an earthquake since 2009, so I think we’ll be fairly safe.”


We headed out to Clarksville, home of the University of the Ozarks, a small Presbyterian college. Remember that hill we had to climb up on the way to Little Rock, at the end of that century? We got to go down it in the morning!! Then we got to take a greenway bridge over the Arkansas River!




I continued on with Meg and Claire for the rest of the day. We talked about how weird and funny it is to look back on orientation, which was nearly a month ago, although it feels like it’s been years! The three of us have already decided that we’re excited to be awesome alumni that meet other Bike & Build teams along their route and greet them with food, desserts, etc! We love all of the alumni who have continued to help make B&B the coolest experience of a lifetime!!

The terrain for our second century was super easy!! We made it to the lunch stop at mile 40 and I honestly couldn’t believe we’d ridden that far! It felt more like 20 miles. In all fairness, I DID come equipped with a much needed boost of energy…


At first lunch, we had a Taylor Swift dance party, which was fun for all the girls but very few of the guys. It was enough to get us pumped up for the rest of the day! We continued that dance party at second lunch, where Motherbird took a video of a bunch of us dancing to Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” in the K-Mart parking lot for all citizens of Russelville to see.

Overall, the ride had the perfect amount of hills. They weren’t tall, long hills, but they provided just enough of a downhill to pedal over the following uphill. It was smooth sailing all day!

We got to the host site at 4:15. Scott and McWeens had beaten us there by hours, which is no surprise because they pretty much always do. We waited around for our teammates to arrive. One of my favorite things about getting to a host site early is being there to greet all your teammates when they arrive, especially on a century day!!


1 thought on “More of Arkansas

  1. leslie while

    It seems you guys and gals are going through the states pretty rapidly. I wonder if you’re on the projected schedule and are currently meeting your deadline. This is the coolest thing ever. The more I read , the more oddball questions I come up with! It blows my mind that you all can bike 100 miles in day, and act like it’s no big deal ! It is a big deal ! I am a little jealous of the fact of all the great food you get to eat , obviuosly you are burning those calories off, and wont gain any weight. I also wonder how much physical training you put into it. Physical endurance has got to be at an all time high.And your mental attitiude is obviously right on target.
    I would really love to see more of America’s youth doing this, and more publicity and more funds going to help these projects out.
    So seldom do you even see these worthwhile endeavors on the news . Keep up the good work. This is great training for leadership, as well. And you def have that going on !


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