Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Oklahoma!

Day 30: Abbie gave the daily itinerary presentation in Ukrainian (she taught English in Ukraine for the Peace Corp), so I really had no idea what to expect for the day.


Coffee crew had an extra long coffee outing at a restaurant called Common Grounds. They had an “endless cup of coffee”… We could have been there all day!


They had tons of delicious cakes too… Including that Matilda cake to the left there (“Bruce! Bruce! Bruce!”).


I rode with Meg, Olivia, Dietlinde, and Claire that morning. We were taking our sweet, sweet time. Lately we’ve been coming across some funny church signs, so we’ve been taking photos of them:


Other examples are:
• “To prevent sinburn, use sonscreen”
• “God doesn’t want weekend visitation, he wants full-time custody”

It was a very pretty ride in the country, but the long bike days were catching up to me, and I was exhausted. About 10 miles out from lunch, we started playing 20 Questions with the category being food. It was both appropriate and motivating to get to lunch quicker. We ate lunch near a river, and we even cooled off in it!





We were excited to get a move on from lunch because today was a little bit of a strange day: our final destination was Grove, Oklahoma, but our route took us from Arkansas to Oklahoma to Missouri and then finally to Oklahoma again!


The boys are making us a calendar of photos from the trip…


There was nothing too exciting about Grove, OK, but we were happy to get there and head to Bartlesville, OK the next day, where we’d have two build days!!



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