“Partners in climb!”

Day 49: Million Dollar Highway!!! Ridgeway to Durango, where we’d finally have a day off (the first one since Memphis!)


I can’t even begin to describe the beauty and awesomeness of this day. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

The first climb of the day was 13 miles!




I rode with Leader Ryan, Max, and Andrew in the beginning of the day. We took a boy band photo together near a waterfall, and we decided Andrew was like the Justin Timberlake of our band, as shown by the photo.


We sat on the top of an old stone building that was on our route and waved at drivers riding by. We stared off at the Red Mountains in the distance.



At the first summit, a fellow teammate had chalked us a celebratory note!


We cruised downhill to lunch… Another insanely fun descent! They are ALWAYS worth the brutal uphill!

We danced and sang at lunch, so happy to be where we were, living life to the fullest!!

I spent the day riding with my “partner in climb”, Amelia. She was having a rough day of emotions, as a good friend of hers had passed away in a freak accident while they were on a backpacking trip in Durango with a university program. I was glad I got to be with her all day and act as her support system. I let her tell me all about Caitlin, who sounds like the kind of girl who had her life together: smart, unique, brave, outdoorsy, fun-loving, and friendly. I admire Amelia for being able to come back to this place and find joy in it, despite going through such a tragic life event here. The climb up and over the mountain was therapeutic in that it allowed her to conquer the flood of sadness that overcame her upon entering Silverton, a town right outside of Durango. I’m so proud of her, and I’m incredibly thankful for her friendship!


A few more uphills and downhills later, we were in Durango!! Pumped for a day off our bikes and a day to explore the town! We went out to a dance club that night (anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE to go dancing!!!) and watched some break dancers KILL IT on the dance floor. I was so happy to be out with great friends, in a new place, experiencing the reward of such a tough climbing day.



1 thought on ““Partners in climb!”

  1. Leslie While

    WoW wow wow !!!!!!!!!!! I love you are enjoying this so much ! Your grandmother’s computer is on the fritz- and I am not tech -savvy enough to know how even troubleshoot it ! She cant get or receive these emails ( for now) and she comes over here to read your latest postings. AND I just got another great postcard – Thank you ! It really brightened my day. Your grandmother had a great dr’s apt today- everything is fine , normal, and within range- all numbers- cholesterol looking good. Yay! !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very happy for your good news , and great career choice. Congratulations! I am also glad that your mountainous rides aren’t as horrendous like they were elsewhere!You must have a great tan going on. What is your next destination? How much building are you guys actually get to be a part of?
    I am just SO impressed with your drive and dedication . I love the fact that even when things get gloomy, you see the bright side. Your grandmother and I spend so much time talking about- REALLY ! My youngest son is 22, almost 23, and he went skydiving for the first time a few weeks ago, with his girlfriend. Brave souls, all of you ! The most dangerous things I do is kayak ( at low tide – in the ocean) and drive on the interstates when necessary! Certainly not brave enough to cycle across this great country, not knowing what’s around the corner, or what lies in each day. So , I say yes you are brave ! I know I know, only a thousand of exclamation marks per paragraph, but I cant emphasize enough how important the work is that you are doing. And you are certainly not doing this for yourself, but for thousands of strangers all over the country. You get to be a part of the solution. Awesome. And when the day comes, and you are a homeowner yourself, you will certainly have a good working knowledge of power tools, Hopefully, you will be empowered to make a few repairs here and there, when that time comes. Keep up that great positive attitude!


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