City of Tubas

Day 54: Kayenta to Tuba City, AZ: 70 miles

We woke up knowing that SUS usually takes under 1.5 hours to get ready in the morning, from the minute they wake up to the minute they roll out. It takes us AT LEAST 2 hours. We might not be a group of morning people. But we like who we are and we didn’t want to change our routine… Except that we’re also competitive, so matching SUS step for step that morning was a challenge accepted by all of us.

We were done with chores, breakfast, and packing within an hour and 20 minutes! Never will this happen again. The best part of the morning was when SUS skipped around from the other side of the church, jamming to music and inviting us to a dance party, right then and their. We happily joined, and got PUMPED for the day!!… At 7am! We had a dance off or two as well.


We rolled out and I became honorary sweep for the day (meaning I wasn’t sweep but I was feeling slow and lazy so I rode with them). SUS took the same road as us for a while on their way out of Kayenta, but they were headed to a different city. When they turned off, they left us some awesome chalked notes on the road, telling us they’d had fun with us and that they wished us luck and safe travels on our way to San Diego! I cannot emphasize how much fun I had meeting this new B&B team!!

Overall, the day was pretty boring and long. It was somewhat downhill, but not as much as we were hoping for. Occasionally, we saw windmills in fields of hay, and we had flashback nightmares of Kansas.


I rode with Amelia and Gerk for most of the day, and we kept ourselves entertained by singing childhood chants, like “Down by the bay, where the watermelons grow, back to my home, I dare not go…” Etc. We’re really mature.


We made it to Tuba City, had our weekly Town Hall Meeting, where we talk about our “highs” and “lows” for the week, and went to bed early. We had to get ready for our ride to the GRAND CANYON the next day!!


1 thought on “City of Tubas

  1. Leslie While

    Love that “in yo face” attitude ! Sounds like so much fun ! AND even cooler with a different group . And I know now, that if someday I am traveling , and see a group of bikers, I will buy them coffee and donuts, or SOMETHING ! Really! It isn’t until you hear about these events how much time, money & effort goes into a project like this, that you realize JUST how important it is. Also, your grandma’s computer FINALLY got fixed. I hope for her sake it STAYS fixed ! I know she misses her emails & facebooking !
    I know she really misses you !


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