“Bike through the desert, they said. It’ll be flat, they said.”


Many of us, including myself, had never been to the Grand Canyon, so it was going to be quite the adventure for us all! We’d have our final day off there, and we’d be camping out! We love camping, AND they had just lifted the fire ban the day before, which meant we could have a campfire!!

The previous night, we had discussed when we would be having Bike & Build Prom, which is a B&B tradition. We decided it would be Sadie Hawkins style, meaning the girls would ask the guys. We drew names from a hat so that each girl would ask a guy, with two girls having to go together and one guy being paired with two girls. We had a rock, paper, scissors showdown to determine who the lucky man would be, and it ended up being Daniel. We started thinking of creative ways to ask our dates.

Abbie got right to the prom-asking that morning. She had drawn Regular Ryan from the hat. For reasons I can’t remember, we’ve called Reg Ryan “ass eyes” from the first week. So the way Abbie asked Ryan was by biking around the parking lot of the church with her shorts down so that you could see the eyes as well as the word “prom” written on her bare butt. Unfortunately, the parking lot was a dirt lot, and she ended up falling dramatically off her bike. It was HILARIOUS! The bar was set high for the creativity that goes into prom-asking.


I rode with Gerk and Amelia again because they are incredibly entertaining riding buddies. And I shlove them very very much.


The ride started out easy. It was mostly flat or downhill. We were hopeful that our day would continue like this… And then it turned out to be quite the opposite.

We stopped at a touristy grocery/restaurant/Native American trinket store. This was my first inclination that the Grand Canyon would be more touristy than I initially thought.


Right after we left, we saw signs for the Grand Canyon! So exciting!


We got to lunch around mile 37 and hung out for probably too long. Sometimes we get caught up with hanging out together, jamming to tunes blasting from the van, eating whatever we can find. Our song choices usually consist of Taylor Swift’s “22” and any and all One Direction songs, with an occasional Justin Beiber song tossed in. Have I mentioned that we’re mature adults?


We left lunch and almost immediately started climbing. I saw a sign that said Grand Canyon 14 miles, and I jokingly said “14 miles to the summit, ladies!” because we’ve already experienced a day like that in the Rockies. Turns out, my joking words came true. We climbed and climbed and climbed. We later joked: “Bike through the desert, they said. It’ll be flat, they said.”



We saw the sign for the Grand Canyon National Park, and due to a miscommunication with the van driver that day, ended up waiting around at the sign for hours. It was kinda fun to hang out with everyone in the middle of the day though! Normally we’re all with our usual riding groups, so we don’t see everyone at once until we all make it to the host. We entertained ourselves by hiding behind the Grand Canyon sign and then jumping out when cars drove by. Some of them even stopped for a photo, which made it even funnier when we photo bombed it.



We rode to lunch and then we had to take shuttles into the GC National park so we didn’t have to individually pay to get in… Which is surprisingly much more expensive than one van/trailer.

By the time we got in, we were excited to see the Grand Canyon, but my riding group had hit a wall. When you take too many breaks or too long of a break in the middle of the day, it makes it hard to have the energy to get back on the bike. Even though we’d made it to the park where we were camping, we still had at least 20 miles of riding to the campsite. We got coffee to boost our spirits and then we were on our way.

The last 20 miles turned out to be one of the GREATEST rides I’ve experienced on Bike & Build… Or ever, really. The scenery was beautiful, as we biked along side the canyon nearly the whole time.






Amelia and I made a pretty hilarious video to show our enthusiasm for being at the GC!

We got to the campsite, and it was time for dinner and hanging beside the campfire. It was so relaxing and enjoyable to be under the bright stars in the middle of a beautiful national park! It was one of my favorite nights on B&B!




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