Grand Canyon

Day 56: A day off at the Grand Canyon!

I woke up in my hammock after a delightful night of sleep under the stars.


We went to get morning coffee at a cafe, and then we decided to go for a little hike in the canyon! The scenery was incredible! It’s so much more rewarding to see such a world wonder by getting yourself there with your own two legs.





It was a great day of exploring and relaxing! It was a much needed day to rest our legs.


1 thought on “Grand Canyon

  1. Leslie While

    Amazing ! And awesome. Fabulous fotos! And I am a little jealous (gasp!) . I have never been to the Grand Canyon, and your pix really make me want to go ! Like right this minute. Cant, I have obligations. But I am oh so happy for you ! What an exciting way to see this great country. The “ass eyes” thing was hysterical. I got a kick out of that. It makes me want to be your age again ! But, hey, I bought a kayak, a 2 -piece snap together , and I am going to bust some of stress on the lake in the a.m.. ( it’s a bit challenging sometimes when you live with your husband and your father in law, who is actively passive -aggressive all the fickin’ time.) Your grandma can even testify to his uneven mental state. But, at any rate, I paid for it all by myself. My husband cant say a word. It didn’t come out of our joint checking account ! So, I will paddle, and have fun, and think of you on your wonderful journey. You have a great future ahead of you. I thought for sure you would have a deep tan by now. Like, intense tan. You must be very good about sunblock !


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