Prescott to Wickenburg

Day 61: Prescott to Wickenburg! A shorter day of about 66 miles… Although we originally thought it would be 87! It was a nice surprise. The road we wanted to ride on had been closed, but had opened up the day before! What luck!

We knew there would be some climbs, because after all this is NC2SD, and there are mountains everywhere.

After our usual morning coffee run, we were off and headed up the mountains! I don’t know what these mountains were called, but they were beautiful! It reminded me SO MUCH of the North Carolina mountains! Maybe not as green, but it felt like home. And after crazy climbs up the Rockies, these hills felt like nothing.




It was a bummer when we finally got to a downhill and we got stuck behind a truck that was painting the white line on the side of the road… With a “DO NOT PASS” sign on the back of it. How does it feel to go downhill slower than you went uphill, you ask? It sucks. But it’s also hilarious.


The truck did finally move over, and we got to fly downhill for a bit.

There were SO many downhills this day! For a while, the Arizona scenery was more mountain-like and less desert-like. It was wonderful!




The hardest part of the day was passing through Yarnell, the town where the wildfires occurred that killed 19 heroic firefighters. After going to the memorial site the day before, it was fresh on my mind. Seeing the black ash on the mountains, the remnants of the houses that had been burned down, and the disaster relief trucks and tents set up alongside the road made the whole situation much more real. To think we only escaped this catastrophe by a matter of days was another realized blessing.





We got to Wickenburg and relaxed as we watched a storm roll in over the mountains and desert hills (it is monsoon season, after all).


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