SO OVER the desert.

Day 62: Wickenburg to Salome, AZ! Another shorter ride of about 55 miles!


As you can see, our morning whiteboard itineraries have gotten out of control.

We started the day with a pancake eating contest at Denny’s between Sam, Max, McWeens, Steven, and Meg (Team Barfy McCarthy! Girl power!). The caption for this next photo is Max trash-talking Meg by saying “I’m going to crush you”.


It’s safe to say that this competition was much regretted after the fact.



This day was nice because it was over with relatively quickly, but it was complete desert… By which I mean it was HOT, the sun was brutal, sand was everywhere, and the quintessential desert cactus was in abundance. Unfortunately, I did not take a photos with my camera (I don’t like the desert, remember?), but luckily my teammate Daniel did, and his photography skills are better than mine anyway.


It was so hot that we ate lunch under a bridge. I’m not even sure why there’s a bridge there because the creek was dried up… And it probably always is.

I spent most of my day riding with Motherbird, Sam, and McWeens. I always love riding with Motherbird because she asks good conversational questions and has lots of stories to tell, which takes your mind off the road for a bit.



When we got to Salome, we stayed at the high school. We were given two trailer classrooms to stay in, both of which had the AC cranking. When we got there, everyone was so hot and sick of being in the sun that we just laid in the dark, cool room on the floor for hours. Sarah said “if I lived here, this is how I would live my life: in a cold, dark room, never going out in the heat or sun”. It was THAT miserable.

That night, we had our weekly Town Hall Meeting of “highs” and “lows” and then a Bike & Build confession. We were told that there weren’t consequences to confessing to breaking a rule, and it was just supposed to be for fun. Some people confessed to hitch hiking, taking a cab, stealing food from the group bin, and other more “scandalous” things that brought a lot of laughter and “OH MY GOD!” yelling to the meeting. It was the best Town Hall Meeting we’ve ever had, hands down.

If you were wondering, my confession was that I have faked being asleep at the host once or twice to avoid having to help my teammates unload the van/trailer when it arrived. Whoops.


1 thought on “SO OVER the desert.

  1. Leslie While

    well, you could have “confessed” to a whole lot worse. I trust your biking teammates didn’t give you a wedgie for that, or fill your pillow with rocks – haha. They are WAY too mature for that, I hope . You truly don’t have that much farther to go. And then I heard you going onto Oregon for hiking! We are going to have to facebook, because I do want hear more about your wonderful travels and adventures.
    I am : Leslieandtony While, and if you ever need to get in touch with me, just call your wonderful grandma! She can give you my phone #’s where I can be reached, whether you just want to talk, or , God forbid, in the event of an emergency. Safe travels


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