Day 64: The last long day of riding: 90 miles to Brawley, or “B-Raleigh” as I like to call it.

Amelia and I went into this day with the mind set of just getting it OVER with. It was going to be a hot, long day of riding in the desert. There was no dilly dallying to be done this day.

The morning was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It was flat, there were mountains on the horizon, and we were up early enough to see the sunrise, which was especially gorgeous. It had rained the night before and that morning, so the air was cool the air felt clean.


The photos are a little blurry but the color is there!



We hustled along all morning long, trying to make good time on the day and not have to deal with the heat coming for us in the afternoon. It started to feel more and more like the desert, once again.

There came a point where we saw what we thought were mountains in the distance, but as we continued to approach them, it became clear they were not mountains… But rather humongous sand dunes.



I’ve never seen anything like these in real life, only in movies. For a moment I thought maybe I was in Saudi Arabia.



Aaaand then Amelia got a flat, right smack in the middle of the sand dunes.


Other teammates of mine showed me photos they had taken while riding through, and we all agreed that the sand dunes looked fake, as if we were standing in front of a green screen.

The rest of the ride seemed to drag on. We were still riding at a pretty quick, consistent pace, but we were just ready to be there.

At one point, there was flat farmland on the left and palm trees lining the right side of the road. Amelia and I joked that “Kansas was to our left and California was to our right”.



We were the first ones to the host!!… Mostly because Scott stopped to get food and fix his tire right as we entered Brawley. It still felt good to be first.


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