El Cajon

Day 66: To El Cajon, an easy day of about 50 miles, and one of the most beautiful days we’ve experienced all trip!! Almost everyone was in agreement that this ride was so SO good!

The morning was magnificent. We woke up casually, knowing that it was a shorter day an we’d spend some of the morning in the town of Julian anyway. The sun was shining, the air felt cool, and our spirits were high.

We had a dance party in the morning, in true B&B fashion!


When we rolled out, we stopped in town again for MORE pie and coffee. YOLO!

We ate at a place called Moms. It was fantastic! It was another one of those moments when we were all together, and I tried to savor it because there wouldn’t be many more of them.




My favorite thing about this day was riding with a sort of random group of people. By the end of the trip, we’d found our riding groups (more or less) and we didn’t switch it up very much. But this group of riders was kinda random, and that made it even more exciting!!











We knew it would be a downhill day because we were up at 4,500 ft and we had to go down to 435 ft!!! Although locals told us it would be downhill all the way, we’ve learned never to trust them. Riding in a car might fool you into thinking that it’s all downhill, but on a bike you feel every incline. There were plenty of uphills on this route, but the downhills made up for them!!



The best way to describe this ride is that it was “typical Cali”. It was a sunny but not-too-hot day, there were palm trees almost everywhere, and red/orange tile Spanish style California roofs poked out from the mountainous landscape.


We were on a road that was free of cars (for the most part), so we used this an excuse to ride in a bigger pack than usual, biker gang style! The ride was perfect in every way possible.

It was exciting to see the first mileage sign for San Diego!!!!


And then we saw a unicorn on the side of the road, so Meg took a photo with it (why WOULDN’T she?).


When we got to El Cajon, myself and a few other girls decided to go to the mall so we’d have clothes to wear in San Diego that weren’t bike shammies, Nike shorts, or any of the various Habitat for Humanity shirts we’d collected in towns along the way. What was funny was that we went shopping in our B&B jerseys, shammies, and cycling shoes. And we didn’t smell great either.

Going to sleep that night was kinda hard, knowing that it’d be the last morning we’d get up and ride bikes together. But we were so stoked for SD!!!


1 thought on “El Cajon

  1. Leslie While

    Wow! A great journey is coming to an end. I am very happy you got to do this. What an awesome way to spend the summer.


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